Eberly News

Sarah Ihlenfeld with SGA campaign members

2020-2021 Eberly Scholars: Sarah Ilhenfeld

Meet international studies and economics student Sarah Ihlenfeld.

Talia Buchman studying abroad

2020-2021 Eberly Scholars: Talia Buchman

Meet anthropology student Talia Buchman.

Kalynn Spaid and classmates in the WVU Mountainlair

2020-2021 Eberly Scholars: Kalynn Spaid

Meet social work student Kalynn Spaid.

WVU students lead upgrades to Green Bank Telescope

A team of WVU physics and astronomy students helped create a new radio camera for the Green Bank Telescope, the first of its kind in the U.S.

Anastasia Stewart holding "Let's Go" flag on a mountain peak

2020-2021 Eberly Scholars: Anastasia Stewart

Meet philosophy student Anastasia Stewart.

2020-2021 Eberly Scholars: Kyle Roberts

Meet environmental geoscience student Kyle Roberts.

Riley Imlay

Three WVU alumni awarded Fulbright Scholarships

Three WVU alumni will teach English abroad next year after being awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, allowing them to develop cross-cultural competency, as well as skills to further their career goals.

From classroom to kitchen: Philosophy student launches reading group on veganism

With the support of several philosophy faculty, junior Jada Taylor has launched a virtual reading group with philosophy faculty exploring the ethics of veganism.

Quenching the need for water quality data in West Virginia

A new portal created in the Department of Geology and Geography is increasing access to surface and groundwater water quality data from shale gas regions around the state to inform stakeholders about trends in water quality.

How colliding neutron stars could shed light on universal mysteries

An important breakthrough in how we can understand dead star collisions and the expansion of the universe has been made by an international team that includes researchers from the Department of Physics and Astronomy.