Eberly News

Quenching the need for water quality data in West Virginia

A new portal created in the Department of Geology and Geography is increasing access to surface and groundwater water quality data from shale gas regions around the state to inform stakeholders about trends in water quality.

How colliding neutron stars could shed light on universal mysteries

An important breakthrough in how we can understand dead star collisions and the expansion of the universe has been made by an international team that includes researchers from the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Love orchids? Thank their fungus.

Since few resources are available to protect these orchids, one biology student is developing new ways to sustain them.

Signals from deep space

West Virginia University’s  Duncan Lorimer might be the godfather of the fast radio burst, but a pair of international students has taken exploring these mysterious cosmic flashes to a new level.

Amelia Jones

English student to connect underserved students with academic resources as Newman Civic Fellow

English major Amelia Jones is a student who has devoted much of her college career to community-engaged leadership. She will continue her work helping connect disadvantaged students with educational resources as WVU's 2020 Newman Civic Fellow.

Finding community in digital spaces

The coronavirus has driven us indoors and separated us from coworkers, friends and loved ones. That’s nothing really new for Sara Loftus, a geography doctoral student who is studying how to build an online community.

Two Eberly College students awarded Boren Scholarship

Two Eberly College students will work for solutions to world problems and provide education opportunities to refugees as Boren Scholars in Oman and Jordan— two countries identified as critical to U.S. interests.

Meet the Grads: Soofia Lateef

BA Philosophy ’20 and BS Chemical Engineering, ’20