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Articles for the month of October 2016


Yeast holds the key to humans’ genetic response to stress, herbicide exposure

Yeast’s ability to grow, divide, age and metabolize food is similar to human cells and provides researchers with a nearly perfect specimen to study cell processes and genetic variation. 

Department of Political Science to host John R. Williams Memorial Lecture Oct. 28

Political scientist Rick Wilson will speak at the John R. Williams Memorial Lecture on Friday, Oct. 28.

WVU receives NEH grant to host publishing institutes

WVU receives NEH grant to host publishing institutes

In the ever-changing publishing landscape, multimedia publications are not without their growing pains.  

Carter Bishop

English scholarship sustained through $650,000 gift

Few scholars can say they’ve impacted four generations of students.

Jessica Carr

Shape your destiny: Jessica Carr

In 2008, the Department of Physics and Astronomy partnered with Jilin University in China on nanoscience research as part of a National Science Foundation grant. Students and faculty traveled to China for two months to work collaboratively at the State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials.

Thinking it Through: Refugees

Thinking it Through: Refugees

Hear what geography researcher Karen Culcasi found when she interviewed women in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

Astrophysicist part of team that has created most detailed map of Milky Way

Astrophysicist part of team that has created most detailed map of Milky Way

Hydrogen. Atomic number 1. It is the simplest and lightest element on the periodic table, but don’t be fooled by its humble appearance. With just a single proton and a single electron it is the most abundant element in the universe and has fueled star formation for the past 13 billion years.

Carol R. Amendola

“They got to see and understand the strength of the human spirit.”

When our students aren’t in the classroom, they’re learning in the real world. Because sometimes it’s these experiences that make the best lessons. For Carol R. Amendola, coordinator of the bachelor of social work program at West Virginia University, that means sending students out into the field to learn about how a water crisis can affect a community.

Cheryl Ball

WVU to host International Open Access Week Oct. 24-30

West Virginia University is set to host the eighth annual International Open Access Week, Oct. 24-30.


A Conversation with Lynne Cossman