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Articles for the month of December 2016

William Franko

New database to track millions of public policies

Policymakers, researchers and journalists alike will soon have access to roughly 4.2 million state government decisions in a single database. 

Marjorie Darrah

New technology coordinates drones in team missions

A West Virginia University mathematics researcher has developed an algorithm to mobilize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in team missions. 

Nicholas Turiano

Psychologist explores connection between child abuse and mortality risk in women

A West Virginia University researcher is investigating links between child abuse and mortality risk in women.

Unpacking heat

Unpacking heat

Sociologist releases first in-depth examination of rural police's gun control views


Shape Your Destiny: Daniel Szelc

Statistics alum David Szelc uses statistics to help improve the quality performance of Medicare beneficiaries in their health and drug services to optimize health outcomes. We followed up with him to see what he's been up to since earning his degree in statistics in 2010. 

John Renton

Leaving a legacy

Geology emeritus professor endows field camp scholarship

Tabetha Soberdash

Hoover Foundation endows forensic and investigative science scholarship

Growing up, Tabetha Soberdash always knew she wanted to be a lawyer. 

Tamba M'bayo

Ebola survivors still face fear, stigma in Sierra Leone

The World Health Organization may have declared the most recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa over as of last March, but many people in Sierra Leone still find themselves segregated from their families and communities—a carryover of efforts to stop the spread of the highly contagious disease.