Eberly News

New scholarships support the liberal arts

Parkersburg, W.Va. native Charles Beorn arrived at West Virginia University in 1959 for his freshman year of college with only one goal in mind—going to medical school.

Historian uncovers untold story of early defense contractor, Methodist leader

From rags to riches, an unknown immigrant was a catalyst for industrialization and religion alike in the United States.  


WVU Eberly College announces 2016-17 Outstanding Teacher Award recipients

The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences has named three recipients of the 2016-17 Outstanding Teaching Award: Daniel Brewster, Kristina Hash and Alex Snow.  

Christopher Scheitle

Are science and religion at odds? WVU sociologist says the answer is not so simple

Society has long assumed that science and religion are at odds. But research by West Virginia University sociologist Christopher Scheitle demonstrates that the assumption is not so simple—or accurate.