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An Eberly degree prepares you for a career in a variety of fields. Our successful alumni show that the challenge was well worth it and that hard work and passion pay off.

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How will you organize and develop your ideas? How will you deliver them? The SpeakWrite TM program at the WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is committed to fostering students’ abilities in writing, speaking, visual presentations and multimedia communication. We recognize that being able to convey your message clearly and effectively is a skill that will help you as a student, and ultimately as a professional in your career.

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New book explores correlation between pornography, violence against women

Most of pornography consumed today involves some form of physical aggression or verbal degradation abuse, objectification and a power imbalance. So it’s only natural that frequent exposure influences young people’s idea of a healthy sexuality, says West Virginia University sociologist Walter DeKeseredy.


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