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Multidisciplinary Studies

The multidisciplinary studies program does not limit students to a course of study in one particular area but allows the flexibility to tailor a degree to their career needs. The MDS program allows students to design their own degree by choosing three minors instead of one major.

How will I focus my studies?

Your focus is up to you. With minors offered in all colleges of the University, you can design a course of study to fit your needs and goals. Develop your own degree that is unique to you and will help you develop the skills needed to find the career you want.

Stephen Scott, Shepherdstown, W.Va.

Major: Multidisciplinary Studies and Political Science

Stephen Scott
MDS alumnus and current WVU College of Law student Stephen Scott reflects on the individualized nature of his MDS degree. “Multidisciplinary studies allowed me to create a personalized degree plan to take advantage of the academic disciplines available at WVU. My academic background has given me the chance to apply what I learned in the classroom to real-world decision making situations—especially my leadership concentration.”The choices are limitless in the MDS program. “The most important thing I learned during my time in Eberly is that I am the only one who can limit myself. Eberly offers so many different opportunities—from study abroad programs and internships to scholarships and a range of diverse courses—that you have plenty of things to explore,” Stephen said.

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