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Statistics is the science of modeling data arising in many fields, including those in the social, biological, health, physical and engineering sciences. 

Since variability is inherent in data, probability is an integral part of these models. Statistics and probability build on mathematics and the information contained in data to create knowledge using established processes, such as the scientific method. Statistics is also fundamental to making informed decisions in the face of uncertainty.

How will I focus my studies?

A minor in statistics is available to all WVU students. Applied statistics and a mathematical statistics tracks are available.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

Designed for professionals or students who want to take applied statistics courses to enhance their quantitative skills and job opportunities.  The certificate will provide students with a solid foundation in statistical methodology, and depending on the elective courses selected, predictive analytics, statistical computing, or statistical theory. The flexibility in the certificate course work is intended to allow the student to select courses that will meet their needs, whether enhancing professional quantitative skills or research productivity.

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