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Statistics is the science of modeling data arising in many fields, including those in the social, biological, health, physical and engineering sciences. 

Since variability is inherent in data, probability is an integral part of these models. Statistics and probability build on mathematics and the information contained in data to create knowledge using established processes, such as the scientific method. Statistics is also fundamental to making informed decisions in the face of uncertainty.

How will I focus my studies?

The Department of Statistics does not offer an undergraduate major in statistics. Instead, students interested in statistics should consider the interdepartmental bachelor of science in industrial mathematics and statistics

A minor in statistics is available to all University students. Applied statistics and a mathematical statistics tracks are available.

The Department of Statistics participates in the interdepartmental combinatorial computing and discrete mathematics (CCDM) Ph.D. Students interested in statistics within this program should enter the computer science or mathematics Ph.D. programs. Once admitted into the CCDM program, students can choose statistics as a major area.

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