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Africana Studies

Learn about the academic exploration and analysis of the history and cultures of blacks in Africa and the African diaspora. Through research, interpretation and the dissemination of knowledge, Africana studies examines the structure, organization, problems and perspectives of blacks in Africa and the Americas. It seeks to provide a greater understanding of the African experience.

How will I focus my studies?

A minor in Africana studies will correct the distorted historical record of peoples of African descent. African cultures, indigenous African institutions, artistic expressions, music and dance, among other monumental historical achievements of black peoples around the globe, must be examined from the African perspective. In other words, black peoples both on the continent and in the diaspora have been and will continue to be active agents in transforming world cultures and civilizations, and it is important that WVU undergraduates have the opportunity to focus a portion of their course work on Africana studies.

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