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Professional Writing and Editing

The M.A. in Professional Writing and Editing is a 30-hour degree that combines theories of writing with practice in real-world writing situations. Students study professional writing theory, the history of rhetoric, editing, rhetorical analysis, new modes of digital composition and writing ethics.  

Students learn to:
  • Recognize and evaluate ethical, social legal, and political values intertwined in the production and consumption of technical communications.
  • Analyze the uses and applications of new communication technologies.
  • Acquire historical and critical understanding of rhetorical theories and practices.
  • Master research and analytical methods, those related to oral, written, and visual communication.
  • Acquire a practical and theoretical understanding of workplace dynamics, including client relations and project management skills.
This degree prepares students for a variety of career options, including technical writing and editing, project management, writing consulting, writing instruction and advanced graduate study in rhetoric and composition. The degree is designed for both newly-graduated undergraduates and working adults who want more training in writing and editing.

How will I focus my studies?

Students complete professional writing electives in related subjects to narrow their focus. Elective areas include development and circulation of texts, humanities computing, communication theory, design and production of texts, language theory and online text production 

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