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Geography opens up worlds of discovery for students. Learn how to analyze the variation in human activity that exists among places, regions and countries. Explain why some places are more or less developed than others, suggest ways in which development can be planned and examine the relationship between the natural environment and human activities. 

How will I focus my studies?

Geography majors receive specialized training in one of the program’s three options: geographic information science, globalization and development and natural resources and environment. An individualized program of study is also available combining elements of the three options. 

Emily Cotter, Morgantown, W.Va.

Major: Geography and Public Relations 
“I’ve always loved being around people and I’ve always been interested in how politics, history, place, and culture affect people in their day-to-day lives. Geography was the perfect fit for me.  The geography program in Eberly is a really special program because you get the opportunity to learn a wide range of information and you get to study the world around you within different lenses. Eberly emphasizes a versatile education better than any of the other colleges on campus. I’ve taken courses beyond just geography and public relations—I’ve studied economics, psychology, history, political science and foreign language, just to name a few.”

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