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Geography opens up worlds of discovery for students. Learn how to analyze the variation in human activity that exists among places, regions and countries. Explain why some places are more or less developed than others, suggest ways in which development can be planned and examine the relationship between the natural environment and human activities. 

How will I focus my studies?

Geography majors receive specialized training in one of the program’s three options: geographic information science, globalization and development and natural resources and environment. An individualized program of study is also available combining elements of the three options. 

Sarah Campbell, Lafayette, Indiana

Major: Geography

Minor: Spanish 

Sarah CampbellAs a Boren Scholar, Sarah Campbell studied abroad in Mozambique, where she learned Portuguese and volunteered with the Red Cross. After graduating in May 2018, she began her career at the West Virginia GIS Technical Center, where she works with local, state and federal agencies to use GIS for road infrastructure management, disaster mitigation and natural resources management.  

“Geography is the science of where and the understanding of place in space,” Campbell says. “This program teaches technical and critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to pursue careers with direct applications of mapping and geographic concepts in fields where their unique approaches to problem solving will be utilized.”  

Soon Sarah will move to Namibia for 27 months, where she will work with the Peace Corps. 

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