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WVU’s Eberly College announces 2019 Outstanding Staff Awards

The  West Virginia University  Eberly College of Arts and Sciences  has named four recipients of its 2019 Outstanding Staff Award: Kenneth Enoch, Julia Frum, Judith Lenhart and Randall Eaglen.

“Our Outstanding Staff awards are a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talented, committed people we work with every day in the Eberly College,” said Gregory Dunaway, dean. “Our College is defined by our people, and I’m proud to take the time to recognize their contributions.” 

Ken Enoch headshot
Ken Enoch

Ken Enoch is the administrative assistant for the Department of Philosophy, Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, Native American Studies Program and Religious Studies Program . In fall 2018, he played a significant role in these departments and programs’ moves from Stansbury Hall to Arnold Hall.

“Enoch has provided an efficient and proactive presence to help us organize our processes and develop more efficient and effective ways of doing things that are up to date and in line with current University practices,” said Kasi Jackson, interim director of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. “Many conversations with him have helped me think strategically about how best to recruit students, organize the delivery of our curriculum, store and maintain records and manage budgets. I appreciate how generous he has been about sharing the knowledge he has accrued over his many years of service.”    

Julie Frum headshot
Julie Frum

Julie Frum is the Eberly College’s facilities coordinator, where she oversees 18 buildings on WVU’s downtown campus. She coordinated the aforementioned move of eight departments and programs from Stansbury Hall to Arnold Hall in fall 2018.

“Frum handles customer service with confidence. She looks for opportunities to help and regularly goes above and beyond. From an operational perspective, when she is tasked with a project, she tries to find the most efficient way for it to be accomplished with minimal disruption to the faculty, staff or unit involved,” said Robert Phipps, a professional technologist in the Eberly College. “She works meticulously, asks questions of the people she works with and provides detailed plans based on the input she receives and is always willing to adjust.”

Midge Lenhart headshot
Midge Lenhart

Midge Lenhart is an accountant in the Eberly College’s Executive Business Office focusing on procurement and asset management. She manages orders and service agreements in Mountaineer Marketplace and advises Eberly College faculty and staff on using the tool. She also approves reconciliation reports and travel settlements and reimbursements in MyExpenses.

“I have always appreciated that Lenhart has an eye for detail, which is so critical when it comes to ensuring we are complying with federal and state regulations,” said Joy Carr-Furbee, the Eberly College’s director of undergraduate studies. “She explains policy and procedure in terms we can all understand.”

Randy Eaglen is a senior lab instrument specialist in the C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry. He maintains and repairs research laboratories, ranging from welding to plumbing to carpentry.

“Eaglen is a highly skilled master carpenter and machinist, making anything and everything faculty and students require to carry out their research,” said Kenneth Showalter, the C. Eugene Bennett Chair in Chemistry. “Often, faculty and students come to him with a vague idea of what they need fabricated for their research. He will learn the details of the experiment and what is needed and proceed to design the required item. This is a process that ultimately yields a much better experiment, as the required item is designed by a highly skilled craftsman.

The recipients were recognized at a reception following the Eberly College’s all-faculty and staff spring meeting on Tuesday, April 2.