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Research shows loss of tree diversity could lower global forest productivity

Could cause billions of loss per year in forestry 

Dreading your next trip to the dentist?

Researchers discover genetic basis for dental fear 

Did you know? Department of Physics and Astronomy home to several scientists exploring Nobel Prize-related research

Earlier this week, three researchers from the University of Washington, Princeton University and Brown University were named 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics recipients, for revealing what the organization called “secrets of exotic matter.” But did you know that WVU is home to a number of experts in topology, materials science and condensed matter physics?

Jay Nitz

Mathematics alumnus makes $1.5 million gift

Mathematics grad Jay Nitz always knew he would end up at West Virginia University. Though the Philippi native started college as a pre-pharmacy student at Alderson Broaddus University, he transferred to WVU as soon as he was accepted into the School of Pharmacy.