Eberly News

Overcoming barriers to mathematics learning

A new online mathematics tutoring program at West Virginia University is helping students navigate virtual learning.

Political science student named WVU’s 25th Truman Scholar

Abigail Smith, a  West Virginia University student committed to improving the future of West Virginia through public policy, has been named the University’s 25th Truman Scholar, the nation’s top graduate fellowship award for aspiring public service leaders.  

Ellen Rodrigues

Eberly College students lead gender inclusivity, anti-racism training at WVU

A gender inclusivity and anti-racism training—for students and by students—is building a stronger sense of belonging and community at WVU.

Michelle Bester

Laser focused

Growing up in rural South Africa, Michelle Bester always aspired to pursue graduate school internationally. Today, she is living that dream as a geography student studying how remote sensing technology can help prevent and control wildfires.

Matthew Witt with dog in front of Woodburn Hall

A real-life superhero, powered by social work

West Virginia University student Matthew Witt knew early in his college career that he wanted to dedicate his life to helping people navigate through challenges.

Healing a wounded world

Biology Ph.D. student Brooke Eastman studies how acid rain impacts forest health. She is committed to highlighting forests’ role in mitigating climate change.

Michelle Richmond

Strategic social work

Clendenin native Michelle Richmond arrived at WVU in fall 2017 with a lofty goal: to improve the human condition for all West Virginians. Eventually, that led her to social work. Richmond is working with Legal Aid of West Virginia on its strategic plan to improve statewide community access to legal services.

In pursuit of pathogens

In a time when most people are avoiding diseases like the plague, one biology student is pursuing them instead. Oxford, Pennsylvania, native Jessica Towey researches in Assistant Professor of Biology Tim Driscoll’s laboratory, which studies vector-borne infectious diseases spread to humans by arthropods—insects such as ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. Diseases spread this way account for nearly one-sixth of all infectious diseases worldwide.

Amaya Jernigan and Hunter Moore

Biology student is first Black woman elected WVU student government president

The campaign for WVU Student Government Association leadership ended Wednesday evening (March 10) as the SGA Judicial Court certified Amaya Jernigan and Hunter Moore as president and vice president, respectively, for the 2021-22 academic year.

Navigating a new normal: Sara Guthrie

This past year certainly hasn’t turned out to be what anyone expected. Our students have persevered, learning how to study in virtual classrooms and finding new ways to stay connected. We checked in with several students as they shared challenges they’ve faced since the start of the pandemic and advice for others navigating this new normal. Meet sociology PhD student Sara Guthrie.