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WVU prepares rural students for STEM majors through new summer camp

Nine first-year students arrived at West Virginia University last week to get a head start on their college experiences.

WVU physicists receive $2 million for new plasma physics center

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at West Virginia University received a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to fund the new Center for Kinetic Experiment, Theory and Integrated Computation Physics.

West Virginia 4-H youth experience Eastern Woodland Indian traditions

This summer West Virginia 4-H campers learned about the first people to inhabit what is today the Mountain State. 

A philosophy that puts ethics into everyone's hands

How do we make ethical decisions? 

WVU provost announces strategic leadership roles to better serve faculty and students

As new  West Virginia University Provost  Maryanne Reed steps into her role this week, she has announced several appointments in the  Office of the Provost that speak to her commitment to establishing a dynamic leadership team that proactively addresses critical institutional needs. 

WVU chemist is a molecular architect

West Virginia University chemist Kung Wang is an architect. Not the kind that builds houses – one that designs molecules.