Eberly News

WVU student selected to present research to U.S. Congress

A West Virginia University biology student’s neuroscience research on zebrafish took her to Capitol Hill this week – virtually.

Writing the history of feminism in the South and Appalachia

There’s more to the American women’s movement of the 1960s and 1970s than burning bras and Gloria Steinem. Jessica Wilkerson, associate professor of history, wants to change that narrative to its truest form: The fight for women’s rights was built on the shoulders of women of color, the working class and women in the south and Appalachia – not just white-collar urbanites.

Overcoming barriers to mathematics learning

A new online mathematics tutoring program at West Virginia University is helping students navigate virtual learning.

Political science student named WVU’s 25th Truman Scholar

Abigail Smith, a  West Virginia University student committed to improving the future of West Virginia through public policy, has been named the University’s 25th Truman Scholar, the nation’s top graduate fellowship award for aspiring public service leaders.  

Ellen Rodrigues

Eberly College students lead gender inclusivity, anti-racism training at WVU

A gender inclusivity and anti-racism training—for students and by students—is building a stronger sense of belonging and community at WVU.

Helping new scientists bloom

Biologist Craig Barrett is working to cultivate a bumper crop of young scientists through the study of wild orchids—and the fungi they eat.

Inspect to protect

Thanks to facility renovations, research innovations and in-class lessons, WVU's C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry has received the nation’s top undergraduate safety program award in chemistry – for a second time.

Michelle Bester

Laser focused

Growing up in rural South Africa, Michelle Bester always aspired to pursue graduate school internationally. Today, she is living that dream as a geography student studying how remote sensing technology can help prevent and control wildfires.

Matthew Witt with dog in front of Woodburn Hall

A real-life superhero, powered by social work

West Virginia University student Matthew Witt knew early in his college career that he wanted to dedicate his life to helping people navigate through challenges.

Healing a wounded world

Biology Ph.D. student Brooke Eastman studies how acid rain impacts forest health. She is committed to highlighting forests’ role in mitigating climate change.