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May 2021 Meet the Grads: Camryn Pressley

Meet May 2021 international studies and Spanish grad Camryn Pressley.

Meet the May 2021 Grads: Kat Ramirez

Meet May 2021 forensic and investigative science grad Kat Ramirez.

May 2021 Meet the Grads: Tre Tarantini

Meet May 2021 philosophy grad Tre Tarantini.

Meet the May 2021 Grads: Julia Wolf

Meet WVU's first sociology PhD grad, Julia Wolf.

Meet the May 2021 Grads: Deionte Harilla-Gray

Meet May 2021 biology grad Deionte Harilla-Gray.

Mapping the past, present and future of West Virginia

New geography research is transforming understanding of the Mountain State’s famous landscape – and identifying ways to preserve it.

Uncovering secrets of the sun

WVU physicists are uncovering secrets of the sun’s turbulent surface in the lab.

WVU student selected to present research to U.S. Congress

A West Virginia University biology student’s neuroscience research on zebrafish took her to Capitol Hill this week – virtually.

Writing the history of feminism in the South and Appalachia

There’s more to the American women’s movement of the 1960s and 1970s than burning bras and Gloria Steinem. Jessica Wilkerson, associate professor of history, wants to change that narrative to its truest form: The fight for women’s rights was built on the shoulders of women of color, the working class and women in the south and Appalachia – not just white-collar urbanites.

Overcoming barriers to mathematics learning

A new online mathematics tutoring program at West Virginia University is helping students navigate virtual learning.