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Interdisciplinary Studies

If you are searching for a flexible and student-centered path to academic success, look no further than a major in interdisciplinary studies. In today's competitive career climate, every job ends up requiring a mastery of more than one discipline. In this program, you will choose three minors to optimize your success. 

The interdisciplinary studies major teaches you how to find your strengths from the subjects they are most interested in, and to stay flexible and motivated as you begin the job search. You will also apply interdisciplinary techniques to communicate the strengths of your self-chosen course of study. 

The interdisciplinary studies faculty hold advanced degrees in English, political science, history and education—disciplines complementing their expertise in interdisciplinary theory. Our faculty are published in their field and present at interdisciplinary studies conferences across the country. In addition to their academic pursuits, the IDS faculty members take pride in providing consistent and accurate academic advising. Advising and mentoring is as tailored and specific as the individual degrees students pursue. 

How will I focus my studies?

Interdisciplinary studies allows students to combine multiple courses of study into one degree path to fit their career goals. No two experiences are the same, and students can customize their college experience.

The interdisciplinary studies major is comprised of three related minors. You are not limited to courses of study in a particular college or school—we stress the importance of breadth of knowledge and cross-disciplinary communication. You will learn to combine specialized knowledge from individual disciplines with a unique ability to approach problems from divergent perspectives.  

Reiley Clark, Winfield, W.Va.

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
Minor: History, Linguistics and Europe

Reiley Clark
As a transfer student, Reiley came to WVU with a different perspective on college. “I came with new ideas for career options. Each time I spoke with an advisor, they encouraged me to pursue things I am good at and enjoyed. That was a scary combination to me, as I am interested in various things.”The interdisciplinary studies major helped Reiley personalize her degree, giving her options to pursue all of her dream careers: ambassador, international lawyer, professor, or working for National Geographic. “I saw this route setting me apart from other competition later in life. This specialized education makes me well-rounded and creates opportunities for connections. As I now experience the individualized attention in this major, I know it was the right choice.”

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