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May 2021 Meet the Grads: Camryn Pressley

Students from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences will  celebrate Commencement on Saturday, May 15 as they graduate from  West Virginia University, ready to take on the world.

As Commencement is upon us, several of our Eberly College graduates reflect on their time at WVU and their plans for the future. Keep checking back through Friday, May 14 to meet all of our featured grads.

Meet May 2021 international studies and Spanish grad Camryn Pressley.  

Name: Camryn Pressley

Hometown: South Charleston

Major: International Studies and Spanish

How did you choose your major?

I chose international studies before I even applied to WVU. I started out with a minor in Spanish, and after talking with my academic adviser, I decided to add that major because it would help me with my future career plans.

Camryn Pressley

How would you explain your major to an incoming student? What advice would you give them?

International studies is similar to political science, but there is more emphasis on international affairs, past and present. Spanish is more than just learning how to speak and write. You learn about Spanish and Latin American culture and their origins.

What are you looking forward to after graduation?

One thing I am looking forward to after graduation is to continue my education. I love school because I get to learn and gain more knowledge about the world.          

How have you changed since your first year at WVU?

Camryn Pressley with Student Government Association friends

When I first arrived at WVU, I was just trying to get my bearings. I really did not know where I fit in. While I had friends, I was not really close to them. Now, I have my bearings. My involvement is activism, and being a resident assistant has brought me lifelong friends.

What was the hardest (Eberly College) class that you loved? Why?

The hardest class I have taken in the Eberly College was POLS 261: Introduction to National Security. It was a very informative class, but those take-home tests were pretty rough. The class I loved the most was a special topics class, Geography of Latin America. This class opened my eyes to the world of Latin America.  

Who are your favorite Eberly College professors and why?

Since I have two majors, I am going to pick two professors. My favorite professor to teach political science classes is Dr. Christina Fattore. Dr. Fattore is both my professor and my adviser, and she has pushed me to expand my horizons and help prepare me for my future career. She is always honest with me and provides me great feedback when I have doubts or questions.

Camryn Pressley with fellow students at Capitol

My favorite Spanish professor is Sonia Zarco-Real. Whenever I walked into a Spanish class with her, it was like a breath of fresh air. I always felt comfortable talking to her, and her teaching style allowed me to retain so much about Spanish culture.

We recognize that life is topsy-turvy right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. How are you planning to celebrate graduation, even in nontraditional ways?

I am planning to celebrate graduation with my family and friends here in Morgantown. I am thinking about going to a fancy restaurant the day of graduation and hopefully convincing my mom to take me to the Cheesecake Factory the day after.