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Thirty Eberly College students selected for Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

Through West Virginia University’s Office of Undergraduate Research, students can participate in research as early as their first semester on campus. Every semester, many Eberly College students take advantage of the resources provided by this office to match with faculty conducting research in their disciplines. The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience is an eight-week summer undergraduate research experience for students interested in careers in research or graduate school
within their disciplines. The selected students receive a stipend and conduct research full-time during those eight weeks. Congratulations to the 30 Eberly College students participating in SURE for 2019!

Grace Belknap 

Mentor: Susanna Donaldson, Teaching Assistant Professor of Anthropology 

Maxwell Adams
Mentor: Nik Kovinich , Assistant Professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology

Morgan Glass 
Mentor: Bradley Webb , Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 

Nolan Holley 
Mentor: Laura Gibson , Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Education, Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine 

Mikhaela Lichvar 
 Mentor: Steve Leonard , Research Biologist, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Facility Coordinator, Adjunct Professor, Health Sciences Center

Matthew Lowery 
Mentor: Nik Kovinich, Assistant Professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology

Natalie Mastroianni
Mentor: Scott Weed, Associate Professor of Biochemistry 

Molly Powney 
Mentor: Blake Mertz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Katelyn Frock
Mentor: Bradley Webb, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 

Samantha Hershman
Mentor: Sadie Bergeron, Assistant Professor of Developmental Neuroscience  

Ethan Mick 
Biology | Psychology 
Mentor: Andrew Dacks, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience 

Katelyn Ramsey 
B iology 
Me ntor: Joonhee Lee , Assistant Professor of Physics 
Mathilda Santee 
Mentor: Craig Barrett, Assistant Professor of Plant Evolutionary Biology Korina De Jesus 
Mentor: Vagner Benedito, Associate Professor of Biochemical Genetics 

Justin Huffman 
Mentor: Benoit Driesschaert, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences Center

Rilla Samsell 
Mentor: Jessica Hoover, Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Alexandre Ziegelmeier 
Mentor: Gregory Dudley, Eberly Family Distinguished Professor 

Aerianna McClanahan 
Mentor: Rosemary Hathaway, Associate Professor of English 

Christopher D'Emidio 
Environmental Geoscience 
Mentor: Steven Kite, Associate Professor of Geography and Geology 

Tyler Richards 
Environmental Geoscience 
Mentor: Brenden McNeil, Associate Professor of Geography 

Tabitha DeBat 
Forensic and Investigative Science 
Mentor: Jacqueline Speir, Assistant Professor of Forensic and Investigative Science 

Sara Kuberski 
Forensic and Investigative Science | Chemistry 
Mentor: Luis Arroyo, Assistant Professor of Forensic and Investigative Science 

Jessica Hogbin
History | Italian Studies
Mentor: Matthew Vester, Professor of History 

Sara Bravo-Peterec 
International Studies 
Mentor: John Kilwein, Associate Professor of Political Science  

Olga Hawranick 
Mentor: Vicki Sealey, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Jackson Porter 
Mentor: Kevin Milans, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Reese Boucher 
Mentor: Aldo Romero, Associate Professor of Physics 

Lauren Giesler 
Mentor: Cole Vonder Haar, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience  

Sydney Hull 
Mentor: Claire St. Peter, Associate Professor of Behavior Analysis 

Colter Uscola 
Mentor: Lisa Dilks, Associate Professor of Sociology