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Graduate and Doctoral Travel and Research Programs

Application Process

You must apply to this program prior to your departure. Department chairs are required to submit a spreadsheet with all their applicants’ information to the Office of the Dean by the first Monday of each month (unless it’s a holiday, then it becomes the next business day). Students are encouraged to submit their applications for departmental approvals within the last two weeks of each month to ensure timely processing and review.

The Eberly College Graduate Student Travel and the Office of the Provost doctoral travel programs are for students presenting a paper or poster presentation as first author. We do not award funding merely for conference attendance or professional development. Doctoral students may apply simultaneously to the Eberly College's and Provost's Office travel programs.

Please note that older versions of the applications (prior to August 10, 2021) will no longer be accepted.

Office of the Provost Doctoral Research Program and Application

Application Process

There is no deadline to apply to this program. This program follows our older method of submission:

  • Student completes the application above and provides it to their dissertation advisor electronically via email. The adviser reviews and forwards the application to the department chair.
  • The department chair reviews, adds funding and approves the application before sending it directly to

Funds are restricted to dissertation research and may not be awarded for preliminary research projects required by the discipline. Students must be advanced to doctoral candidacy and approved to begin their dissertation research before applying for these funds.

University Travel Restriction Guidelines

Graduate students must follow current university regulations regarding travel. Applications are subject to rejection if the activity for which the student is seeking funding does not conform to university regulations regarding travel.