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Graduation Forms and Processes

Deadlines for graduation are sent to department graduation contacts each term. Please note Eberly College of Arts and Sciences students must meet all deadlines of the Eberly College, which may be earlier than posted University deadlines. Students should see their department’s graduate director if they have questions or require assistance with the process.

The college does not collect forms related to candidacy or graduation directly from students. Department graduation contacts are responsible for submitting the paperwork directly to the Eberly College Director of Graduate Studies in accordance with the College’s deadlines for graduation. All files are accepted electronically.

Doctoral Candidacy and Doctoral Committees

When a doctoral student is approved as a candidate, the department representative will submit the Eberly College Doctoral Candidacy Form to the Eberly College Director of Graduate Studies. The form should be submitted within two business days following formal admission to candidacy. The doctoral committee will be included on the form and will be reviewed to assure the committee follows all University guidelines. Any changes to the committee after the Doctoral Candidacy Form has been accepted require College approval. The Eberly College Director of Graduate Studies will submit the candidacy date and the candidacy semester to the Office of the University Registrar and send confirmation of submission to the department. The candidacy semester will appear in Degree Works.

Application for Graduation

The application process is determined by the  Office of the University Registrar. Students apply online through STAR. The deadline for applying for graduation through STAR is firm; students who miss the deadline must be considered for graduation in a subsequent term.

Eberly College Forms for Graduation

To schedule a defense, the department should submit an Eberly College thesis and dissertation defense date declaration form. The department representative must submit the form to the Eberly College director of graduate studies no less than two weeks prior the scheduled defense date. The form can be submitted further in advance.

The results of a defense must be recorded on an  Eberly College thesis and dissertation defense form. At the defense, the form must be used to collect the decision and signature of every committee member. Students should not be responsible for collecting the signatures recording the results of their defense. This form must be submitted to the departmental representative immediately after the meeting and then forwarded to the College's director of graduate studies within two business days following the defense. 

For more information on defenses, please see the graduate catalog.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations 

To be cleared for graduation, theses and dissertations must be accepted by the library by the posted deadline date. See the ETD website for more information. The College does not collect paperwork related to ETD.

Last updated on September 18, 2020.