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Video Resources

The Eberly College Research Office is collecting videos that may help you as you seek research funding . These will include recordings of our Research Roundup series. To obtain copies of the slide decks that accompany any of our presentations, please email our office .

Zoom Research Roundup, April 18, 2023: Involving Students in Research

Zoom Research Roundup, February 7, 2023: Engaging with WVU Federal Government Relations

Zoom Research Roundup, November 15, 2022: How to Fund Non-Research Projects

Zoom Research Roundup, October 11, 2022: What's New in Research Data Management? 

Zoom Research Roundup, February 24, 2022: What is Data Science and How Does it Help Me? 

Zoom Research Roundup, January 11, 2022: West Virginia Humanities Council Grants 

Zoom Research Roundup, October 12, 2021: All About Attachments 

Zoom Research Roundup, September 14, 2021: Writing Successful Narratives 

Zoom Brown Bag, March 23, 2021: Foundation Grants

Zoom Brown Bag, January 5, 2021: West Virginia Humanities Council

Zoom Brown Bag, November 17, 2020: Insights into the NIH

Zoom Brown Bag, October 20, 2020: Budget Masterclass

Zoom Brown Bag, September 29, 2020: "Inside the NSF"

NIH Grants YouTube Page
This page provides several tutorials and other guidance on completing the requirements for NIH grant proposals.