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Submission Procedures

How to Submit Applications to WVU's Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP):

1.  Refer to the WVU Research Office policies and procedures.

2.  Complete the KC Bluesheet. For KC training resources, see the KC Proposal Development page.

  • Upload the entire grant package in final form (except that the narrative can be a draft) to KC, as described in the OSP Grant Proposal Guide. At a minimum, all proposals must include a detailed budget and statement of work/scope of work.
  • If the submission is through, Fastlane, or ASSIST, a PDF preview of the entire application package must be attached. If the submission is through Fastlane, OSP must have access to the Fastlane account.

3. Submit the KC Bluesheet seven business days prior to the agency deadline so that Erica Bentley, Director of Pre-Award Grant Services, can review and approve it on behalf of the Eberly College. KC Blue Sheets and application components will be reviewed at the college level for:

  • ECAS or departmental resource commitments / cost sharing (approval documentation for all cost sharing must be attached to the KC Blue Sheet)
  • Requirements for new or renovated facilities or space
  • Consistency with University policy and business practices
  • Correct F&A / indirect cost and fringe benefit rates
  • Correct salaries for all personnel
  • Departmental approval for fellowship applications

4.  Ensure that you have all approvals and that you have a complete application to OSP five business days prior to the agency deadline. 

5.  After receiving contact from the reviewer OSP assigns, submit the final narrative and work with the reviewer on any final changes.

6.  Verify agency receipt of application.

How to Submit Applications to the WVU Foundation:

  1. Contact Shelley Birdsong-Maddex, Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, to verify the programmatic relevance of your project to donor prospect.
  2. Complete a draft proposal and budget.
  3. Complete the WVUF Coordination Form.
  4. As soon as your proposal and budget are complete, submit: WVUF Coordination Form, Abstract, Budget, and Budget Justification to your chair and to Shelley Birdsong-Maddex, Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, for review and signature, seven business days prior to the WVU Foundation deadline
  5. Submit signed WVU Foundation forms and complete application to WVUF five business days prior to donor prospect foundation deadline. 
  6. Verify WVU Foundation receipt of application.
  7. Submit your proposal.