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Research Office Flowchart

You can refer to the Research Office Flowchart below as you begin to develop your project proposal. Also see the Research Office's Two-Week Checklist. For more information or to set up a meeting, contact the Eberly College Research Office.

Flowchart that describes the process of developing your project proposal. The process is divided into three stages

Research Proposal Flowchart:

The project proposal process is split into three phases, which are outlined below.

Idea Phase (4-12 months)

  1. Have an idea?
    • If no, proceed to process step 2
    • If yes, proceed to process step 3
  2. Email Research Office for help with ideas
  3. Do you have collaborators?
    1. If no, proceed to step 5
    2. If yes, proceed to step 4
  4. Discuss with your collaborators to find common goals
  5. Meet with the Research Office to discuss funding. Do you have appropriate funding?
    • If no, you will need to revamp your plans to fit funds or find related or additional funding. When you have secured funding, proceed to process step 6
    • If yes, proceed to process step 6
  6. Work with the Research Office to create a submission plan

Planning Phase, 2 months

  1. Develop your proposal
    • Reread Request for Proposal 
    • Draft budget, review our Budget Tips and Template
    • Draft narrative
    • Check animal care and use, Institutional Review Board (IRB), export control, etc. 
    • Check with external collaborators.
  2. Send drafts to Research Office and to external reviewers
  3. Need to make changes?
    • If yes, revise and return to step 2
    • If no, proceed to step 3
  4. Write abstract
  5. Review the 2-week checklist
  6. Complete the remaining portions of the grant.

Submission/Application Phase, 1 week

  1. Are you applying or submitting to the Office of Sponsored Programs or the WVU Foundation?