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1252021Celebrating Research and Scholarship into Community Health and Racial Justice

In partnership with the WVU Research Office, the Office of the Provost, the Office of the President, the Eberly College is pleased to host a 90-minute symposium showcasing awardees from two recent initiatives led by the Eberly College Research office. 

In Spring of 2020, five teams were awarded seed grant funding to work on projects aimed at targeting research into addressing topics pertaining to community health and wellbeing. Later in the year, awards were given to three other groups to support projects that address and speak to matters of racial injustice and inequalities in society. As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to give all of our teams the opportunity to present aspects of their work and what they plan to do in the year ahead. 

The representatives from each team are listed below.

Dan Totzkay (Communication Studies) & Susannah Donaldson (Sociology & Anthropology)

Mary LeCloux (School of Social Work)

Margaret Stout (Public Administration) & Daniel Eades (Extension Service)

Karen Weiss & Jim Nolan (Sociology & Anthropology)

Katie Kang (Communication Studies)

Rachael Woldoff & Heather Washington (Sociology & Anthropology)

Amy Alvarez (English)

Dan McNeil (Psychology) & Linda Alexander (Health Sciences)

Each group will give a 5-minute presentation on their work and we'll hear from other members of the University community and have time for discussion and questions to the teams. 

Join via Zoom