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Seedy Talks with Dr. Elizabeth Hoover

From Garden Warriors to Good Seeds:
Native American Food and Seed Sovereignty Movements


About the talk

Because ‘we are what we eat,’ the Native American food sovereignty movement is working to revitalize and perpetuate traditional food systems, in order to promote good physical, cultural and spiritual health. This is being done through the promotion of seed sovereignty and the reclamation and rematriation of Native heirloom seeds; through the work of Native chefs seeking to reclaim and define Indigenous cuisine; and in fighting for a clean environment in which to nurture these foods. This talk discusses nationwide Native American food sovereignty efforts, as well as current projects at the University of California, Berkeley.

About the speaker

Dr. Elizabeth Hoover headshot

Elizabeth Hoover (she/her/hers) is an associate professor in the Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Department at the UC Berkeley whose research, life, and community work focuses on food sovereignty and environmental justice for Native American communities. Based on collaborations with tribal communities across the US, Hoover has published books and articles about Native American food sovereignty and seed rematriation; environmental reproductive justice in Native American communities; and tribal citizen science and community based participatory research. 

Seedy Talks is a community engagement and educational programming event that focuses on food justice, environmental justice, food and seed sovereignty, racism and discrimination in the food system, and food and farm traditions of People of Color and other Underrepresented Minoritized Communities. The event is organized by service assistant professor Mehmet Öztan, and sponsored by the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences.


Attendees are encouraged to check out the following resources prior to the event, to be prepared for the subject matter.

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