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Lunchtime Looks with Amy Hirshman

Amy Hirshman, an associate professor of anthropology in the Department of Sociology and Anthroplogy, specializes in ancient western Mesoamerican archaeology and teaches courses on archaeology, cultural anthropology and material culture. Her presentation will focus on the exhibition "Cut Up/Cut Out," which is on display from October 12 through December 8 at the WVU Art Museum. Artists in the exhibition use cutting and piercing practices to create their works of art. Hirshman will explore how these transformations of objects, which include oil drums, books, leaves, receipt paper rolls and maps, change the objects’ “biographies.” These examples of material culture are all manipulated in ways that divorce them from their original uses. Hirshman will address the challenges that such artistic transformations pose for archaeologists and those who look at a society’s artifacts to understand more about them.

Prior to the talk, all are invited to bring a brown bag lunch to the Museum Education Center Grand Hall to converse with Amy Hirshman, museum staff and fellow museum-goers. This event is free and open to the public.