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First Principles AI at Tesla

From batteries and factories to cars and power walls, Tesla uses artificial intelligence in the development cycle of nearly every product. By rigorously introducing what is at the heart of these applications, the neural network, Gavin Hall will demystify buzzwords and share how Tesla adapts this subset of learning models to solve some of its biggest technical challenges and stay at the forefront of modern AI.

About the Speaker

Gavin Hall

Gavin Hall leads artificial intelligence research and development at Tesla Gigafactory 1, where research projects focus on the of application of machine learning rooted optimal control, computer vision and predictive analytics algorithms to infrastructure and manufacturing systems. He has previously worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. He received a Bachelor of Science in mathematics, mechanical engineering and physics from his hometown university, WVU, and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from MIT, where his research in robotics led to an autonomous delivery and ride-sharing startup in Singapore. When not helping robots become much smarter than he is, Hall loves appreciating the finer things in life: classic country music on a hi-fi setup, surrealist movies, trading rare imperial stouts and stealing James Jamerson riffs on bass guitar.