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The Science and History of Whiskey

Whiskey is universal. Its production is fascinating and embraces a broad spectrum of disciplines. Whiskey serves as a convenient lens for looking at many of the big ideas that unite the sciences and engineering. As a historical lens, whiskey also provides a unique frame for the events that shaped America. Aimed at the general public, Eric Simanek, the Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry at Texas Christian University, examines what makes whiskey so interesting from both the production process and how it offers optimism that, indeed, things are getting better. The event is sponsored by the C. Eugene Bennett Department of ChemistryDepartment of History and the WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education.

About Dr. Simanek 
Eric Simanek
Growing up in central Illinois, Eric Simanek was surrounded by corn destined for feed or alcohol. He holds degrees in chemistry from the University of Illinois and Harvard. At TCU, he is the Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and director of the TCU IdeaFactory. In 2016, he co-authored “Shots of Knowledge: The Science of Whiskey.” When he is not in a classroom or lab, he enjoys sharing his love of science with all ages and sharing whiskey with good friends.