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BackBurner Dreams: A Women's Passion Project

Join the Center for Women's and Gender Studies for a film screening of "BackBurner Dreams - A Women's Passion Project" and Q&A with the director and producer, Brenda Hayes. 
BackBurner Dreams Film Poster

The documentary film follows three women, Carla, Stephanie and Melanee. They shared their stories about their dreams and passions and why they put them on the "back burner." All three will, in nine months' time, take steps to realizing their passions and dreams. The documentary visits Carla, Stephanie and Melanee from the start of their journey and then again nine months later to see what dreams have come to fruition. The film has been selected for screening at the 2018 Creation International Film Festival. 

The event is sponsored by the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Watch the trailer. 

About the Director

Brenda Hayes, director and producer of the documentary "BackBurner Dreams," started pursuing her dreams and passions at age 58, namely producing film. Now 62, she premiered her first documentary, "BackBurner Dreams," on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2018. "BackBurner Dreams" follows the journeys of three women of color, challenged by the director to, in nine months' time, bring the dreams they put on hold to raise children, work unfulfilling jobs and support the dreams and passions of everyone else except themselves, back to the fore. In October 2010, Hayes started the radio series, "This Light: Sounds For Social Change." The series offers a platform for artists and activists who through their music, visual art, spoken word, film, poetry and dance foment progressive social change. Hayes is also a monthly host on "Sophie’s Parlor," the longest running radio show by and about women but for everyone. "Sophie’s Parlor" can be heard every Wednesday afternoon on the local Pacifica station, WPFW FM.