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Global Issues Through Film

Honors Faculty Fellows Lecture Series

Christina FattoreThe 2019-2020 Honors Faculty Fellows will be holding lectures throughout the beginning of fall semester. These lectures provide current Honors students and the greater WVU and Morgantown community with the opportunity to learn more about the exciting topics covered in these innovative courses.

Christina Fattore
Associate Professor of Political Science
"Global Issues Through Film"

“Global Issues Through Film” will use film to connect students to major events in global politics in the 20th and 21st centuries, helping emphasize the importance and impacts of these events on individuals and societies. Using both films and supplemental readings, students will discuss the core issues of global politics during this period, working to understand how entertainment products can impact political behavior and opinions, and how satire, comedy or drama can be used to make politics more accessible to the everyday citizen. Students will also apply methods and principles of critical inquiry to explore global issues and cultural, linguistic or experiential diversity.