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Allegories for Boldness

Honors Faculty Fellows Lecture Series

The 2019-2020 Honors Faculty Fellows will be holding lectures throughout the beginning of fall semester. These lectures provide current Honors students and the greater WVU and Morgantown community with the opportunity to learn more about the exciting topics covered in these innovative coursesChristine Hoffman

Christine Hoffmann
Assistant Professor of English
"Allegories for Boldness" 

“Allegories for Boldness” challenges students to conduct a literary investigation of boldness primarily through a survey of the Bluebeard folktale—a story retold from the fifteenth century to present in forms as varied as fiction, poetry, music and film. With the perplexing original moral warning readers to “Be bold, be bold … be not too bold,” the talk will enable you to engage in broader conversations about the entanglements of folklore and history, making connections between the arts and today’s world.