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Ambassadors for Change

Honors Faculty Fellows Lecture Series

Kathryn WilliamsonThe 2019-2020 Honors Faculty Fellows will be holding lectures throughout the beginning of fall semester. These lectures provide current Honors students and the greater WVU and Morgantown community with the opportunity to learn more about the exciting topics covered in these innovative courses

Kathryn Williamson
Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy 
"Ambassadors for Change"

“Ambassadors for Change in West Virginia” will help students develop skills in leadership and service, empowering them to network with real leaders and advocate for change in West Virginia. Students will learn about education and industry in West Virginia, immersing themselves in the issues facing first-generation college students. Students will learn how to plan and lead discussions, becoming leaders and allies for rural first-generation college students. Working with the National Science Foundation-funded First 2 Network, students will connect with first-generation participants in the network across the state, helping strengthen statewide ties and perspectives.