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  • 040919Lessons learned from analyzing long-term high-resolution multi-constituent hydroclimate and water quality data

Lessons Learned from Analyzing Long-Term High-Resolution Multi-Constituent Hydroclimate and Water Quality Data

Sean ZeiglerScience-based understanding of natural and anthropic influence on water quantity, water quality and environmental flows is important to sustainable use of water resources in the 21st century. However, there is a lack of information available to make informed policy and management decisions. Long-term high-resolution multi-constituent datasets collected from select representative experimental watersheds can be used to provide baseline data and develop reliable management tools useful for regional efforts in ungauged watersheds. 

In this seminar, University of Missouri Postdoctoral Fellow Sean Zeigler will present key findings from Hinkson Creek watershed, a highly instrumented representative experimental water-shed of the central U.S. Results from a statewide environmental flows assessment of Missouri streams will also be discussed. 

The talk is sponsored by the Institute of Water Security and Science and the Department of Geology and Geography