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2020-2021 Eberly Scholars: Camille Mullens

In association with the ongoing generosity of the Eberly family, the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board established the Eberly Scholars program in 1988. Each year, up to 25 students majoring in the arts and sciences are designated as Eberly Scholars. They are provided with scholarship support in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement. This award is the Eberly College’s most prestigious scholarship honor for undergraduate students.  Meet all of this year's Eberly Scholars.

Camille Mullens
Hometown: Philippi, West Virginia
Major: International Studies
Minors: German and Political Science 

How did you choose your major? How has it prepared you for your future career?

I absolutely love to travel and have always had an interest in global politics, international law and policies, foreign languages and how countries interact. I believe that being a global citizen is important and that educating ourselves about what goes on outside of the U.S. is essential for a better global understanding. Combining all of these passions definitely drove me toward the international studies major. It included everything I wanted to learn about while offering me the flexibility to study abroad and complete internships. I also hope to attend law school in fall 2021, and I thought that this major would prepare me well for my future higher education and career goals.

Camille Mullens

What makes you feel connected to WVU? What have been your keys to success?

WVU is home to me. I'm from West Virginia and most of my family has attended WVU, making it a tradition. WVU has always been a part of my life, from my dad taking me to football games when I was younger and my mom taking me to see shows at the CAC, to now being a student. I have had such a positive experience at WVU that has given me a strong connection to the University. I'm a very active student who really enjoys extracurriculars and realizes their importance in the college experience. Academics are my first and foremost priority, but getting involved is important, too. I dedicate my success to the student organizations and service activities that I have been a part of, like Model United Nations!  

Do you have a favorite professor or instructor here? What makes them special?

Camille Mullens

Dr. Clarissa Estep is my favorite professor at WVU because she truly wants her students to succeed and dedicates so much time to her classes and WVU's Model United Nations team. She makes sure that all of her students have the tools necessary to help them do well inside of the classroom and out. She also challenges her students to become better individuals both academically and personally. I'm sure that many international studies majors, including me, would agree that we owe Dr. Estep a big thanks for making sure that we are aware of all the opportunities that are available to us and for helping us achieve our goals.

What does it mean to be a Mountaineer?

To me, being a Mountaineer truly means to go first – to be the first one to do the right thing in a tough situation, to be brave and step out of your comfort zone and to try to do your best in everything you do. Mountaineers are leaders who pave the way by taking advantage of opportunities that are in front of them. Being a Mountaineer means that you are a part of the WVU family, and that is something very special.

Camille Mullens

What was your reaction when you heard you were selected as an Eberly Scholar? How has this opportunity made a difference in your life?

I was ecstatic when I discovered that I was selected to be an Eberly Scholar! I know many talented and exceptional students apply for this program, and I am honored that I am among some brilliant people who were selected this year. The Eberly College is near and dear to my heart because it has shaped my entire time at WVU. Being an Eberly Scholar is definitely a special honor since the Eberly College has been such an integral part of my WVU experience. This opportunity has made my family so proud and has assisted with funding my education, which I couldn't be more grateful for!