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Meet December 2019 graduate Marlee Dinterman

Students from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences will walk across the stage on Saturday, Dec. 21 as they graduate from West Virginia University, ready to take on the world. As Commencement is upon us, several of our Eberly College graduates reflect on their time at WVU and their plans for the future.

Maryland native Marlee Dinterman has found a home away from home during her years at WVU.

Marlee Dinterman

“As an out-of-state student, one could easily assume I do not feel very connected to WVU or even the state of West Virginia as a whole. However, that assumption couldn't be more incorrect,” Dinterman said. “I feel connected to WVU every time I walk into classroom, attend sporting event or simply when I wear gold and blue. Everyone is welcome at WVU. When you become a student here, you quickly become part of a family that extends well beyond the city of Morgantown.”

As a biology major, Dinterman got involved in undergraduate research early.

“I chose my major based on research experience I gained during my senior year of high school. I was part of an internship program which allowed high school seniors to perform biological research at a local branch of the National Cancer Institute,” Dinterman said. “At WVU, I joined a cellular and molecular immunology laboratory and have completed my first independent research project.” 

For Dinterman, biology was the perfect major to prepare for medical school.

“I think biology is an excellent major to prepare for my eventual career as a physician. Biology, in simplest terms, is the study of life. It is a very diverse field, and the undergraduate courses within the department support that. Students take courses in cellular and molecular biology, anatomy, physiology and more,” Dinterman said. “The variety of courses not only allows students to become well-rounded in terms of biological knowledge but also become familiar with terms and concepts that are the foundation of medicine.”

Dinterman has been selected for the U.S. Army’s Health Professions Scholarship Program and will be commissioning later in the month. Then, she’ll join the School of Medicine’s class of 2024 next August. 

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