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Undergraduate Students

Foreign Language Placement Test

Students seeking to take Chinese, French, or Spanish, including 100 or 101 courses, must take the placement exam online. 

How to take a placement exam

  • Online from any location
  • You may take a placement for Chinese, French, or Spanish
  • The test takes approximately 25 minutes
  • Use this link to Access the Exam
  • You will need to create an account and password. Please ensure that the information that you enter matches your official WVU registration information. 
  • After completing the exam, please save a copy of your results for your own files.
  • Upon completing the exam, you will receive instant notification of your score and the class in which you must enroll. This score can take four to six weeks to be recognized by the system responsible for registration holds. If you need immediate assistance registering for a class, then please contact .
  • The Foreign Language Placement Exam may only be taken once.

To view your placement results at a later time:

  • Return to the WebCAPE exam website.
  • Sign in using the credentials you created previously.
  • To make a copy of these results, use your browser’s File menu to save them to a file, print them, or send them via email.

Language Course Number Cutoff

Language Course Score
Chinese Chinese 101 0-269
Chinese 102 270-299
Chinese 203 300-369
Chinese 204 370-399
Chinese 300-level* 400-and higher
French Chinese 101 0-278
French 102 279-339
French 203 340-393
French 204 394-492
French 301 or 302* 493-and higher
Spanish Spanish 101 0-263
Spanish 102 264-324
Spanish 203 325-403
Spanish 204 404-493
Spanish 311 or 312* 494-and higher