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Meet the December 2020 grads: Nathan Weston

Students from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences will  celebrate Commencement virtually on Saturday, Dec. 19 as they graduate from  West Virginia University, ready to take on the world.

As Commencement is upon us, several of our Eberly College graduates reflect on their time at WVU and their plans for the future. Meet forensic and investigative science grad Nathan Weston. 

Name: Nathan Weston 
Hometown: Clarksville, Tennessee
Major: Forensic and Investigative Science
Minor: Psychology
Nathan Weston

How did you choose your major?

I chose forensic science because I've always has a passion to help people and an interest in science. This major is the perfect collision of both of those. I chose WVU because it was said to be the best program in the United States, and after attending, I firmly stand by my choice and in that statement.

How would you explain your major to an incoming student? What advice would you give them?

The forensic science major is a very difficult yet fulfilling one. The classes you will take make it all worth it. My best advice is to not give up or to serve yourself short. Keep pushing and giving your best effort. Once you make it there, the amount of hands-on experience and knowledge you gain is unmatched to any other university. 

How has your major prepared you for your future career?

My major has prepared me for my future career by doing exactly that to its definition. It’s given me experience, knowledge, tools and connections that'll translate to being what separates me from a different candidate when applying for a job.

How has your Eberly College/arts and sciences education helped you prepare for unexpected circumstances, like the pandemic?

Even though the pandemic did influence some ability to do things hands on, it didn't change my learning. The department came together to ensure my experience came out just the same as it would if the pandemic wasn't a thing. 

How have you found resilience during these trying times? What have been your keys to getting by?

I absolutely have. Change isn't a fun or easy thing for anyone to endure. Sometimes it's hard to stay positive during these trying times or when the major seems overwhelming. Sticking with it and staying positive proved to me that I'm capable and that I fought to get to where I am today. Major keys to getting by were a great support system of people who have my best interests in mind. 

What are you looking forward to after graduation?

I'm looking forward to carrying on to my next chapter. Whether that be the workforce or graduate school, I'm excited to continue to dive deeper in my investment into the field of forensics.