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Eberly College Research Equipment Grants

New Request for Proposals

Deadline: Friday, October 7, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Submit your proposal.


This solicitation aims to support faculty in need of mid-size research equipment that does not fit within an otherwise grant-funded project, or that has a cost below the threshold for large equipment grants. One example of a large equipment grant in the physical sciences is the major research infrastructure (MRI) solicitation to the National Science Foundation. A list of externally funded opportunities is maintained by the Eberly College Research Office here. Funding proposals are encouraged for equipment that might be useful for faculty members from multiple departments (for example, cameras or eye-tracking equipment for human subjects research), however, funding may be used by a single faculty member or a subgroup of a department.


Full-time regular, benefits eligible, faculty in the Eberly College may apply to this program. The equipment must not be part of a pending or approved external request.

Application Details

To apply:  Using this form , submit a short description of the equipment that clearly states its purpose and how it will benefit your scholarship. Items that lead to further funding and/or publications are strongly encouraged. Requests must be endorsed by your department chair and should also detail how the equipment will benefit students working in your program(s). 

Cost sharing: All submitted proposals require you to complete a cost-share commitment. We anticipate that 25% of the funds will come from the PI, 25% from the department, and the remaining 50% from the college. No more than 50% will be provided by the college. Start-up funds may not be used as cost-share. In cases where the PI and/or department chair do not have sufficient funds, a justification may be submitted for consideration by the proposal review committee. College contributions for each award will be no more than $25,000.

Limit on number of proposals: One submission per PI. Teams of faculty members may submit proposals, but those team members may only be involved in one proposal.

Unallowable expenses: No personnel or facilities/administration costs are permitted. Proposals should not include funding for  general computing equipment, tablets, or phones. The budget should only include the actual cost of the equipment and a vendor quote should be provided. 

Proposal review: All submitted proposals will be reviewed by a panel of faculty members in the Eberly College and awards are recommended to the Associate Dean for Research for funding. Preference will be given to: projects that clearly involve student research; projects with the potential to stimulate interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research with the potential for future externally funded work; projects that will lead to submission of externally-funded projects; equipment that cannot be otherwise purchased on external grants.