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DeKeseredy receives three awards from the American Society of Criminology

Walter DeKeseredy, Anna Deane Carlson Endowed Chair of Social Sciences, director of the Research Center on Violence and sociology professor at Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, will receive three awards during the 2022 American Society of Criminology meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Walter, who smiles broadly, appears in an outdoor setting wearing a black suit jacket and blue shirt.

DeKeseredy will be formally inducted to the American Society of Criminology Fellows on Nov. 16. Induction to the ASC Fellows is among the highest honors given to criminology professionals; the group selects five or fewer new members annually.

“Eberly College is extremely proud and pleased that Professor DeKeseredy has been inducted as a fellow of the American Society of Criminology,” said Gregory Dunaway, dean of Eberly College. “Professor DeKeseredy’s contributions are not merely academic; his work has transformed the way we think of power dynamics in society and how it impacts our justice responses to crime and criminality. WVU and Eberly are fortunate to have this world-renowned scholar among its faculty.”

ASC Fellows are recognized for their scholarly contributions, innovative ideas and significant impacts made to the field of criminology. 

“I am incredibly honored and humbled to receive this recognition,” said DeKeseredy. “The ASC Fellows consists of the best criminologists in the world, and to be listed among them feels like a dream.”

The ASC Division on Critical Criminology & Social Justice will present DeKeseredy with its Praxis Award for his work surrounding diversity, equity and social inclusion initiatives and research. The DCC Praxis Award recognizes an individual whose work has increased the quality of justice in policing and punishment for underserved, underrepresented and otherwise marginalized populations.

The ASC Division of Victimology will also recognize DeKeseredy with the Robert Jerin Book of the Year Award for his book, “Woman Abuse in Rural Places." The Robert Jerin Book of the Year Award recognizes a book published within the last five years that has had a major impact on the field of victimology or that serves to highlight a key issue in the field.

DeKeseredy has published 27 books, more than 130 journal articles and 90 scholarly book chapters on issues such as violence against women, rural criminology, criminological theory and more. In addition to his roles at WVU, he serves as an adjunct professor in Monash University’s Gender and Family Violence Prevention Center.

In 2008, DeKeseredy received the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma’s Linda Saltzman Memorial Intimate Partner Violence Researcher Award. In 2014, he received the Critical Criminal Justice Scholar Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences' (ACJS) Section on Critical Criminal Justice. In 2017, he received the Impact Award from the ACJS’s section on Victimology.

He has also been recognized many times over the years by the ASC for his excellence in criminology research and scholarship. His many honors include the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award and the 1995 Critical Criminologist of the Year Award from the ASC’s Division on Critical Criminology & Social Justice.