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A Message to WVU on its 150th Anniversary from Eberly College Dean R. Gregory Dunaway

Dear Colleagues, Students, Alumni, and Friends:


Dean R. Gregory Dunaway

On behalf of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, we wish to extend our happiness and joy on the occasion of West Virginia University's 150th Anniversary.  As one of WVU's oldest colleges, Eberly is proud to share in and be part of this venerable institution's great tradition of excellence in education, scholarship, and service to the people of West Virginia.

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is WVU's largest and most diverse college. Our College programs span the spectrum of academic inquiry including the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Humanities. 

We include fields as seemingly disparate as Philosophy and Physics; Geology and Gender Studies; Forensics and French; Chemistry and Communication Studies and all points in between.  The College’s curriculum also provides for much of the general education for all WVU undergraduates students, as well as providing the foundation for our students studying in other colleges such as engineering; agriculture; medicine; and law. 

The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is at the core of WVU's educational mission.  And we believe that the mission of a liberal arts and sciences education as embraced by the Eberly College is consistent with the overall mission of WVU.  Ultimately, we aspire to educate our students to think critically, act ethically, and communicate effectively. 

In all we do we strive to better understand, as well as uplift, the human condition.  Thus, the application of education is both for developing a rewarding career and making a living, but also appreciating the world around which makes a life worth living.

We are so very proud to serve WVU and the people of West Virginia.  We salute WVU on reaching this significant milestone and look forward to sharing in its even greater future success.


Let's Go!