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WVU Resource Guide

This guide includes an alphabetical list of resources likely to be of interest or usefulness to undergraduate students with majors or pre-majors within the Eberly College and their advisers. Please contact Valérie Lastinger ( ) with questions or suggestions for changes to this list.

Academic dishonesty

Building a culture of academic excellence is our shared responsibility. The Office of Academic Integrity supports students, faculty, and staff as we work together to achieve this goal.

Capstone Requirement

All students are required to complete a capstone experience as part of their major. If a student has more than one major, the student must complete a capstone experience for each major. See individual majors for a description of their capstone requirement. Use this form to have a course approved as a capstone experience (from the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee). This requirement applies to all students entering WVU in Fall 2002 or thereafter. View current Capstone Courses. New capstones can be submitted online using the CIM (Curriculum Inventory Management).

Credit Hour Limitations

Some courses cannot both be counted toward graduation. For example, students can only get credit for one of GEOL 101/102, GEOL 110/111, and GEOG 110/111; ECON 225 and STAT 211; BIOL 101/102/103/104 and BIOL 115. Others are indicated in the Catalog.

Double majors

Students who wish to double major (receive one degree, such as a B.A. or B.S., but with two majors) must first be accepted into a major. Once accepted into the first major, the student can apply to and be accepted into the second major. Both departments provide advising to the student who is obtaining a double major. A double major can be completed with a minimum of 128 credits. Students may not double major in MDS. See also Dual degrees.

GEC (General Education Curriculum)

All students who entered the University in Fall 2005 or later must meet GEC requirements. Go to for a description of the General Education Curriculum.

Grade modifications

Instructors can request changes in students’ grades after the grades have been submitted by completing a grade modification form. A reason for the grade change must be provided, and the change is subject to the approval of the instructor’s department chair and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.


A list of the majors available in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is available at the WVU Majors site.

A list of all WVU majors is available at Students who wish to change their major should obtain their advising file from their current advisor and take it to the ECAS Office of Undergraduate Studies. That office will complete the Academic Status Change Form and send the student with the form and their file to their new major. See also Double majors, Dual degrees, Pre-majors, Minors.


A list of the minors available in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is available at Eberly majors and minors page. For a description of other minors, please check the catalog for individual departments. Students who wish to declare a minor should ask their primary advisor to fill an Academic Status Update form and send it to the Office of the University Registrar.

Open credit

Courses transferred to WVU that are not judged by Admissions to be equivalent to specific WVU courses are designated by a 000 course number. The credits earned in these courses can be applied to the 128 needed for graduation. Use of these courses to meet major or minor requirements is determined by the major or minor department. Use of these courses to meet General Education Curriculum (GEC), including the Writing course and the Capstone, Liberal Studies Program (LSP), or College (BS science courses) requirements is determined by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

Requests for the use of open credit courses to meet these requirements should be submitted using the open credit petition found on the  Transferring Course Credit to WVU page. See also transfer courses.

Retroactive semester withdrawal

Contact the associate dean for academic affairs for information concerning requests for retroactive semester withdrawals. Such requests may be approved in cases when the student had a significant event or issue during the semester interfere with his or her ability to complete course work. See also Course withdrawal, Withdrawal from semester, Withdrawal from university.

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