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Office of Undergraduate Studies Responsibilities

  1. We are the dean’s undergraduate records keeping unit for the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. We keep and review for accuracy records for all students who have entered a major or pre-major advised in a department within the Eberly College of Arts and Science, as well as all students who are in the HONORS program in our college. We do not have files for Multidisciplinary Studies students, Social Work majors, Secondary Educ/A&S majors or Regents Bachelor of Arts degree students.
  2. Major Changes – students in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences who wish to change majors should come to Room221 in Armstrong Hall to see our secretary. She will complete the academic status change form and send the student to the appropriate unit with the proper paperwork. ALSO, any student wanting to transfer INTO Arts and Sciences from another area within the University should see us. If a student arrives in your department with a file that obviously has not been to our office (signatures from me or the secretary are missing), PLEASE send the student with the file to see someone in our office for processing. We will sort the materials and send the student with your information back to your department. If you are changing a status from pre to upper division, please send the academic status change form directly to the Office of the University Registrar, BUT, send us a copy marked ‘copy’. The more accurately each department keeps their advising records, the less confusion there will be with the paper flow for your unit. This does not pertain to the students in the Honors program. The honors secretary will handle all the academic status updates for those students. While we discourage this, if your department is completing new academic status update forms that do not have a signature from someone in this office please be sure to send a copy for our files. If you have a copy of a transcript from another school, we will need a copy. Please be sure the information is complete and correct including the catalog term.
  3. Students listed as pre-arts and sciences that are advised by the director of the academic services center are not part of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences until they have declared an upper division major or have moved to your department for advising as a pre major. Any information or telephone calls pertaining to these students must be directed to the UASC staff at 304-293-5805.
  4. Graduation – Any question concerning graduation, past or current should be referred to the Records Officer in Room 221 Armstrong Hall. ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS wishing to graduate from the Eberly College of Arts and Science must complete an application for graduation and diploma and turn it in to this office. We ask that you strongly urge the students in your department to complete the application before the registration period for their final semester. Example: Student should apply for a graduation review during the fall term if planning to graduate in a spring or summer term. Since time does not allow for every senior record to be reviewed before the senior “STAR” access window for on-line registration (priority date) we suggest that you, as the academic adviser, do a complete review of all requirements when you meet with your student for advising prior to registration. We encourage your students and advisers to use DegreeWorks audits as are source for reviewing completion of requirements. It is a tool well worth exploring and everyone (especially the student) should access the system and review the DegreeWorks audits for accuracy. Each semester all perspective graduating seniors in our college will be notified via email to apply for graduation and sent a copy of the application for graduation and diploma. They will be instructed to return the application to 221 Armstrong Hall and to schedule an appointment to discuss the outcome of the review. OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR’S DEADLINES WILL BE ENFORCED. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION BY THE DEADLINE WILL HAVE THEIR GRADUATION DELAYED UNTIL THE NEXT SEMESTER.
  5. Advising in the departments – Departmental advisers are responsible for reviewing and advising student concerning every part of a student’s academic record not just departmental requirements. Advisers need to check student’s completion of University and College requirements and watch for duplicate credit posted to a student’s record due to repeated courses. Check in the Notes section of the DegreeWorks audit for information that may have been entered regarding repeated courses. Departmental advisers should be completely familiar with all the requirements needed by their advisee. When the student sees me for a final graduation check this is a double check of the departmental advising and we hope not to find any problems. Please use the DegreeWorks audit system for checking requirements. The Office of the University Registrar is requiring these audits to be accurate, so if an issue is found, please do everything possible to have it corrected. This would include GEC issues, departmental requirements, and degree, major as well as minor information. Let us know if there is something showing that needs to be corrected that your department is not comfortable updating.
  6. Grade modification forms are sent to the Records Officer in Room 221 Armstrong for the Associate Dean’s signature before they are sent to the Office of the University Registrar. Those that require administrative attention will be referred directly to Dean Lastinger. This applies only to undergraduate classes. Graduate level courses need to go to Kim Nichols in 103 Woodburn in our graduate office. The Office of the University Registrar is now requesting monthly audits for all grade modification forms processed for our courses.
  7. Information concerning credit by exam that is offered through the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences should be referred to our office in Room 221 Armstrong Hall. Successful results are reported to the Office of the University Registrar by our office to be posted on the student’s academic record.
  8. Information concerning formal minor requirements is available on the Provost web site. Minor declaration forms are no longer required but information about the minor must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar by the student’s major adviser on an academic status update form. Minors are available to all students enrolled in any degree granting unit of West Virginia University. Formal minors should be declared as soon as a student is advised in our major departments. Academic status update forms should be completed by the major department and submitted to the Office of the University Registrar so minor information can be posted in the Banner system.
  9. Dean’s list certificates Any student earning a 3.5 grade point average on 12 full time graded semester hours during the fall/spring terms with no incompletes is eligible for a certificate. Students will be notified via email by the Dean’s office that they have qualified for a dean’s list certificate. They are instructed to email our office to request the certificate and informed that they may pick up the lapel pin in person. All the students advised in Undergraduate Academic Service Center must see the staff in Room 104 for information regarding this process.
  10. Any student wishing to discuss a dual degree or a double major program should see the staff in Room 221 Armstrong Hall. Student may now add additional degree/major programs regardless of rank or status as long as both areas are part of ECAS. If your department completes and submits the >posting of additional major codes’ form to the Office of the University Registrar, please send a copy to this office for our files. Currently, if a student completes and is awarded one degree and not both at the same time, readmission to the university is necessary and it will require an additional 30 hours as a Second Degree candidate to receive the additional degree.
  11. Our secretary will organize information for the new students and advisers for the new student orientation sessions. We will prepare files, get test scores and notify our departments when advising coverage will be needed. We are now providing assistance to help with orientation sessions during the summer session. Our staff will be available for the August and January sessions. Remember, your department must provide coverage for these orientation sessions when possible.

For help with releasing advising holds for students, contact Dean Lastinger or the Office of the University Registrar at 304-293- 4611 or 304-293-7476.

If you have any questions concerning these procedures, please call us any time.