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FERPA Waiver Information (GPAPRXY)

The FERPA waiver form is used to see whom the student has permitted to have access to information about their records. The student will fill out the FERPA form using their mix account and this information will be uploaded into BANNER.

Instructions for accessing the FERPA waivers on file:

  1. In the Go To field on the main screen in Banner type form name GPAPRXY
  2. In the ID field enter student’s WVU ID number
  3. Go to the next block (click your mouse button in one of the fields below gold line or press Ctrl key and Page Down key at the same time)
  4. In the very right hand corner you will see Record X of X if there is more than one record. You can click on the arrows to see the next person with a FERPA waiver on file.
  5. There is a pass phrase that the FERPA waiver holder must provide each time they are trying to access information about the student they have proxy for.
  6. Under the Page Authorization List is a comprehensive list of information this FERPA waiver holder is allowed to be able to access.
  7. If the side scroll bar is present, use it scroll down and see the remaining portion of this list.