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Curriculum and Academic Policy

Approval Process

The CAPC approves new degree programs, certificates, majors, minors, areas of emphasis, and courses, as well as changes and terminations of these items.

New Program Proposals

  • Proposals for new degrees, programs, certificates, majors, minors, and areas of emphasis should start with a consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Dean. After consultation, with tentative approval, the intent to plan must be submitted using the  Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) Programs  system. The intent to plan is reviewed (via the CIM system) by the Dean’s and Provost’s offices.
  • Ex-Officio members of CAPC can be consulted for assistance with the requirements for an intent to plan on CIM.
  • If the intent to plan is approved, review the information on  Program Proposals .
  • An approved intent to plan may be followed by a full program proposal.  Note: Full proposals must be submitted within one year of the intent to plan. After one year, the intent to plan will be rolled back to the originator for resubmission. 

Important Considerations Important items to consider before submitting full proposal 

New Course Proposals

  • Review the detailed information from Faculty Senate on Course Proposals
  • Follow guidelines provided for Syllabus Format . Please include a full course schedule, even if unprompted.
  • Submit final version of syllabus and course proposal for review using CIM Course system.

Course/Program Changes

  • See Proposal Types  prior to requesting a course/program change.
  • Course adaptations or changes must be submitted using the CIM Course system.
  • Program changes or terminations must be submitted using the CIM Programs system. 
  • Ex-Officio members of CAPC can be consulted for assistance with the requirements, workflow, or help with CIM.
All new proposals and changes to existing courses/programs must be received (via the CIM system) by the College Deadlines for CAPC review.