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Adding "Loops" to a page

Loops are feature found on the Frontpage and Landing page templates. You can use the “loops” to post news announcements, highlight programs, and more.

To add a new loop, click on Properties of the page, then Custom Data tab.

Homepage properties

Adjust the number of loops by changing the number in the field. 

custom data

Please note: adjusting and saving this will immediately change the live number of loops (this will change without hitting publish). You may have a blank space on the site when you add a loop so have your content ready.

Once this is done, go to edit the homepage. You will see the new number of loops reflected.

Each loop has 5 fields. 


The first allows you to change what the box will look like (style field). Type in one of the suggested color schemes or leave it blank for default.

The next 4 are content fields. They are all optional, so you may fill in just 1 or all or 2 or 3. The design will adjust accordingly.

Just make sure any fields you don’t use are completely blank or they will influence the layout (use the html button to delete things like <nbsp> tags).

loop edited

You can save and reload to check the color scheme. Publish will make the content live. Content adjusted layouts can only be seen live and will not reflect on the editor.

Lastly, photos can be added as backgrounds. Upload media and tag it with the appropriate label (loop--#), which is in the editor above the style field.

You may need to adjust the style to change the font depending on the photo. Ask the web designer for help with things like this.

How do I hide a loop? 

Add the class u-wvu-hide to the CSS class list that controls the background and style.