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Funding the future

WVU finance grad creates STEM scholarship 

WVU researchers help detect gravitational waves for the third time; confirm new population of black holes

West Virginia University researchers were part of a team that detected gravitational waves for the third time since 2015, once again confirming Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.

WVU coaches area students to highest award at global robotics championship

The expertise of West Virginia University, the experience of community mentors and the minds of West Virginia high school students created a winning formula at the world’s largest event for STEM students. 

Mark Koepke

Koepke chosen chair-elect of national laser user group

On April 26, Mark Koepke, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, was chosen as chair-elect of the OMEGA Laser User Group. 

Crystin Povenski

WVU Eberly College announces 2017 Outstanding Staff Award recipients

The WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences has named four recipients of its 2017 Outstanding Staff Award:  Crystin “Crys” Povenski, Vicki Snively, Hope Stewart and Robin Swaney. 

WVU to celebrate Einstein during month-long event

Over 100 years ago, Einstein predicted gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space and time caused by energetic processes in the universe. Just last year, two professors at West Virginia University helped discover gravitational waves and verify Einstein’s theory.

Physicist explores science behind smartphones

The computer, and the devices that use them, are considered one of the biggest success stories of modern physics. 

Astrophysicist part of team that has created most detailed map of Milky Way

Hydrogen. Atomic number 1. It is the simplest and lightest element on the periodic table, but don’t be fooled by its humble appearance. With just a single proton and a single electron it is the most abundant element in the universe and has fueled star formation for the past 13 billion years.

Did you know? Department of Physics and Astronomy home to several scientists exploring Nobel Prize-related research

Earlier this week, three researchers from the University of Washington, Princeton University and Brown University were named 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics recipients, for revealing what the organization called “secrets of exotic matter.” But did you know that WVU is home to a number of experts in topology, materials science and condensed matter physics?

'little green men' to premiere Sept. 29

No, it isn’t about aliens. While the title of the upcoming documentary “little green men” suggests an extra-terrestrial theme, it actually features life in our own backyard.