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2022-23 Eberly Scholars: Makaela Quinn

Major: Biology
Minor: Child Development and Family Studies
Hometown: Wheeling, WV 

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  • Quinn Makaela at Graduation with family
  • Quinn Makaela with poster presentation

How did you choose your major?

I chose to major in biology for a multitude of reasons. First, I enjoyed each of my science classes throughout primary school as I found science to be most interesting. I was afforded the opportunity to conduct many cool projects within my science classes. In middle school, I completed a research project examining the presence of photopigments in evergreens. I presented this research at science fairs and received first place at every level of competition. I also had amazing science and mathematics teachers during high school that made me enjoy the subject more. Second, my mom fostered in me a love of science because she, herself, was a biology major who went on to become an anatomy and physiology professor. As a young child, I was immersed in the college experience. I was around large textbooks on subjects that I could not even pronounce at the time, exposed to her anatomy dissection lab, and social with other scientists and researchers in her university. My mother surrounded me with anatomists, botanists, chemists, biochemists, and biologists. My mother’s passion for her job and love of science aided in my interest in science. Finally, I want to go into the healthcare field and help others, specifically, children. As a biology major, I can pair my love of science with my passion for healthcare in meeting the pre-requisite courses for medical school.

How has your major prepared you for your future career?

My plan after college is to attend medical school and become a pediatrician. My major has prepared me for my future career because some of the classes that are required for my major are pre-requisites for medical school. Also, being immersed in the scientific community and taught scientific writing, research, and lab skills aids in preparation for my future career. The classes that I take within my major help me to think critically and scientifically, skills that are important for a pediatrician.

How have you changed since your first year at WVU?

Since my first year at WVU, I have grown more as a person. I became more comfortable being myself and exploring my interests. I am happy being my unique self and not changing who I am for anyone else. I used to think that I had to adapt to the people around me to fit in and make friends. However, I have learned that if you stay true to yourself and your interests, people who are like-minded will gravitate to you. I have been able to surround myself with great people this way and make amazing friends. This helped me to be more confident in myself and my abilities. I have also matured more and have learned how to be an adult. College is a great way to adapt to the life of an adult while still having the routine of school. I have grown so much since my first year at WVU and I see a different woman in the mirror now than I did freshman year.

What was your most memorable moment at WVU?

My most memorable moment at WVU was my first biology class in the Life Science Building with the mask mandate lifted. I was able to see the entire face of my peers and finally get a feel for the normal college experience after a year and a half of remote and masked in-person learning.

What was the hardest (Eberly College) class that you loved? Why?

My hardest class at WVU was BIOL219, the Living Cell, with Dr. Huebert Lima. This course covered difficult material and did so at a fast pace. It challenged me as a student, and it motivated me to develop my learning and studying habits further. I put so much hard work and dedication into succeeding in the course and found that I really enjoyed the material being taught. This class made me a better student and was a great learning experience for me. I even have the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for this course in the fall semester.

What have been your keys to success?

My key to success at WVU is my motivation for my future career. I am so driven and determined to become a doctor. My passion and love for my future career drives me in my academics and extracurricular activities. So, I believe that the motivation and hard work towards my future career is my key to success.

What was your reaction when you found out you were an Eberly Scholar? How has this opportunity made a difference in your life?

My reaction when I found out I was an Eberly Scholar was to instantly tell my mom. She is my role model, pushes me to be a better person, and has been there with me every step of the way. Being an Eberly Scholar is an amazing opportunity and recognition, so I felt like the hard work I have put in every semester here at WVU was seen. Because of this, I want to continue to work hard and excel in my academics.

About Eberly Scholars

In association with the ongoing generosity of the Eberly family, the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board established the Eberly Scholars program in 1988. Each year, up to 25 students majoring in the arts and sciences are designated as Eberly Scholars. They are provided with scholarship support in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement. This award is the Eberly College’s most prestigious scholarship honor for undergraduate students.  

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