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Eberly College accepting applications for Harriet E. Lyon Professorship in Women’s and Gender Studies

Application Deadline: Friday, January 14, 2022

Applications are invited for the Harriet E. Lyon Professorship in Women’s and Gender Studies. The professorship is named in honor of the first woman to graduate from WVU, and it was endowed in honor of Judith Gold Stitzel, founding director of the WVU Center for Women’s and Gender Studies.

The professorship is designed to support the dissemination of knowledge sensitive to gender and which places women's concerns, ideas, perspectives, and interests at the center of the scholarly and teaching enterprise. The professor will be expected to bring a novel disciplinary perspective to the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies on the Morgantown campus; teach and/or conduct research as an integral member of the Center; participate actively in the life of the Center; and be available regularly to interact with the Center’s students and faculty.

The appointment may be for two or three years. The professor will receive a salary supplement and a modest annual allowance for professional development. The Professor's home unit will be recognized for its support of the professorship and may receive compensation for releasing the professor from some unit responsibilities.

To be eligible, a faculty member must be a full-time employee of WVU, including satellite campuses. The professorship is open to all faculty ranks (instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor) and categories (tenure-track, tenured, teaching, research, clinical). The faculty member must also have an established track record demonstrating commitment and contributions to women’s and gender studies in or outside of academia. Faculty members who hold tenure or a regular teaching assignment in the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies on the Morgantown campus, however, are not eligible. A previous recipient of the professorship can be reappointed, but not for consecutive terms.

In accordance with established procedures governing named professorships, a screening committee will review applications and make a recommendation to the dean of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their plan to fulfill the expectations described previously over the course of a two or three-year appointment, and evidence of their ability to carry out the plan. In addition, the screening committee will seek evaluations from internal or external reviewers proposed by the applicant or from other qualified scholars. After initial approval by the dean, one applicant’s dossier will be forwarded to the provost for review and approval, with final approval resting with the president.

Each applicant should provide the following materials:

  1. A letter describing a two- or three-year plan for fulfilling the expectations outlined above (second paragraph).
  2. A current curriculum vitae.
  3. Other supporting information and materials to establish the applicant’s qualifications (e.g., syllabi, reprints, grant applications).
  4. A brief letter of support from the applicant’s unit chair (or equivalent), attesting to the applicant’s availability for the professorship.
  5. Names and contact information of five references, inside or outside WVU, who can evaluate the quality and impact of the applicant’s work.

Applications should be sent electronically to Stephen Ballant ( no later than Friday, January 14, 2022. If you have questions, please contact Stephen or Lori Blasinsky (