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Meet the Grads: Timofei Kharisov

Students from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences will walk across the stage on Sunday, May 12 as they graduate from West Virginia University, ready to take on the world.

As Commencement is upon us, several of our Eberly College graduates reflect on their time at WVU and their plans for the future.

Timofei Kharisov, a Hinton, West Virginia native, is an international studies and Russian studies double major. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in international security and diplomacy. 

Timofei Kharisov

“I've always had a desire to learn everything I can about the complex world we live in. My international studies major has facilitated a path for me to pursue that goal,” Kharisov said. “My Russian studies major has taught me about the rich history of one of the most interesting areas of the world. Since my entire family is from Russia, it has been especially rewarding to explore the past of my own heritage.”  

He endeavors to understand the diverse facets of the world.

“More than anything, my major has taught me to be open-minded. There are a lot of different types of people in the world and we all see it differently,” Kharisov said. “When pursuing my career, I will always remember to approach situations with the intent to question ideas or values that I believe are fact.”