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Eberly Welcomes Three Assistant Deans to its Leadership Team

Eberly College welcomes three assistant deans to its leadership team to help enhance College-wide efforts to support students as they pursue meaningful careers and post-graduate education.

“I am delighted we have been able to enlist these three remarkable individuals to augment our efforts in student success, both at the undergraduate or graduate level,” said Gregory Dunaway, Dean of Eberly College.

Jessica Deshler Headshot
Jessica Deshler
Andrea Bebell photograph in front of Woodburn Hall
Andrea Bebell
John Navaratnam Photograph in front of Woodburn
John Navaratnam

Jessica Deshler is Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies. In this role, she oversees Eberly graduate programs and helps graduate students navigate all stages of their academic careers.

John Navaratnam is Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Assessment. He oversees changes to Eberly’s undergraduate and graduate programs and courses, as well as program assessments, to ensure that the College continues to offer well-crafted degrees that support student success after graduation.  

Andrea Bebell is serving as Interim Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Services and Programs. She will manage recruitment and lead Eberly’s efforts to provide excellent academic advising and increase retention and graduation rates among its undergraduate students.

Deshler is a professor in Eberly’s School of Mathematical and Data Sciences and Navaratnam is a teaching assistant professor in the Department of Biology. Before her appointment, Bebell served as Eberly’s Director of Recruitment.



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